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What is a filament fiber? What is the elastic fibers? DTY and FDY the difference between
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        POY: the pre-oriented yarn, full name: PRE-ORIENTED YARN or PARTIALLY ORIENTED YARN. Means the high-speed spinning to obtain the orientation degree of orientation in the absence between the wire and tension wire filament is not fully stretched. Compared with non-tensile wire, it has a certain degree of orientation, good stability, is often used for drawing false-twist textured yarn (DTY) a dedicated wire.

        DTY: tensile deformation of wire, full name: DRAW TEXTURED YARN. POY to do is to use the original wire is stretched and made false-twist texturing process. Tend to have a certain degree of flexibility and contractility. FDY: full-body pull-wire. Full name: FULL DRAW YARN. Spinning stretching further obtained using the synthetic filament. Fibers have been fully stretched, can be directly used in textile processing.